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02 Apr / 2021

How To Calibrate a Spectrophotometer

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In this article, we will go over the bit by bit directions on the most proficient method to align a spectrophotometer. This technique is simple when you have the correct devices to work with. A couple of things we will have to begin is the accompanying

Cuvette Material For UV- VIS Absorbance
01 Apr / 2021

Cuvette Material For UV- VIS Absorbance

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Generally, a compartment of exact measurements, i.e., 10mm way length, gets utilized here. These are called cuvette spectrophotometers, and they are straightforward to the frequency of light needed for the reason. Subsequently, it doesn't bring on any issues during the examination. 

The solitary issue here is that we can't characterize the cuvette this basically due to the accessible variety of materials with which they are made. So one may effortlessly get befuddled about which choice to utilize. How about we initially comprehend their essential material prerequisites, and afterward we will draw a difference between various kinds of cuvettes. 

31 Mar / 2021

UV-Vis-Frequently Asked Questions

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Most of the tests utilized in UV/Vis spectroscopy are arrangements set into a cuvette for estimation. Cuvettes are little rectangular glass or quartz compartments. 

Alumina Crucible
27 Feb / 2020

Alumina Crucible

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Temp.: 1750 °C
Volume (ml): 30
Upper OD (mm): 40
Bottom OD (mm): 23
Height (mm): 37

Dimension may vary according to the shape and form of the required crucible.

Alumina Crucible



LARK Alumina products are high-quality laboratory labware. Please handle them carefully and avoid collision during unpacking, transportation, handling, and cleaning.  Check whether any micro-cracks exist before using alumina products. Products with micro-cracks should not be used. 
Alumina products should be dehydrated before using them. If they get wet, let the crucible or tube dry naturally before using them. 
If dry crucibles by placing in a dryer or oven, make sure that the dry process goes slowly. 

Do not load too many materials in alumina crucibles, which can increase the possibility of uneven heating. 
Alumina crucibles are sensitive to thermal shock. Try to warm up the furnace chamber slowly.

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