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Alumina Crucible
27 Feb / 2020

Alumina Crucible

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Temp.: 1750 °C
Volume (ml): 30
Upper OD (mm): 40
Bottom OD (mm): 23
Height (mm): 37

Dimension may vary according to the shape and form of the required crucible.

Alumina Crucible



LARK Alumina products are high-quality laboratory labware. Please handle them carefully and avoid collision during unpacking, transportation, handling, and cleaning.  Check whether any micro-cracks exist before using alumina products. Products with micro-cracks should not be used. 
Alumina products should be dehydrated before using them. If they get wet, let the crucible or tube dry naturally before using them. 
If dry crucibles by placing in a dryer or oven, make sure that the dry process goes slowly. 

Do not load too many materials in alumina crucibles, which can increase the possibility of uneven heating. 
Alumina crucibles are sensitive to thermal shock. Try to warm up the furnace chamber slowly.

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