Original Neubeur Blood Counting Chamber Brightlined, German Complete Haemocytometer Set for Pathology

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  • ​HBG Brightline counting chamber with a double-counting grid
  • Haemocytometer cover glasses (Borosilicate) with a thickness of 0.4 mm 
  • Each 1 blood diluting pipette HBG red and white two color-marked silicone tubings 



  • Counting chambers serve to determine the number of particles per volume unit of a liquid. The particles are visually counted under a microscope.
  • Same ruling as Improved Neubauer, but with rhodium coated chamber bottom. Rulings are engraved into the rhodium layer and appear bright under normal microscope settings.
  • By altering the contrast, the microscope image can be reversed, so that the rulings appear brighter or darker, as required.
  • Designed specifically for counting bacteria, sperm, blood platelets, and the content of vaccines.
  • The 0.02mm cell depth minimizes the necessity of focusing up and down to identify organisms. The housing protects the chamber from scratching during use.



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